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  1. Jan thanks again for your effort. There were many people pulling for you. Had a certain board member not urged the third candidate to run you would have unseated a 3 decade incumbent. That sentiment is reflected in the numbers. The district insulated the outside community from the vote in an effort to suppress outside voters and it worked. The signs would have helped but only minimally. Thank you for all the time committed to data collection. It’s refreshing to see someone campaign on fact rather than sentiment. To those school parents that voted for Ms. Oconnor – you have the government you deserve.

    • Data collection is a federal program (P20). Now defunct inBloom was just a phase. The NYSED is seeking (RFI) a new company to take over of the data.
      Don’t we all have a government we deserve, from the local level all the way to Washington, DC?
      Thanks for commenting, Gina Genti.

  2. Jan,
    You gave it the best try I have ever seen. It just seems to me that too many people are stuck on stupid with the status quo. There is another element here that is holding everyone in the district back from progressing into the schools our children deserve. Don’t give up. This too shall pass although not soon enough for me.

    • Bea, this status quo is holding tight for decades everywhere. I would certainly prefer residents to rid of it. I don’t have much faith in the state doing it to our benefit.

  3. The feeling is that if you had put up as many lawn posts as did O’Connor you might have had a better chance. The hope was that you would have won! The disaster is that O’Connor did. Enough years of her dictatorship and camaraderie with the present administration. Now another 4 years of someone who should have bowed out a long time ago.
    The media has a way of making O’Connor sound great and everyone else as if they were nothing. Thus, the reason to get those lawn posts out there. People have to know you to give you a chance.

    • Judy, I don’t think the signs cost me the election. (They even were offered to me free of charge. Thank you). Voters who make their decision based on signs are known for hibernating till they see signs again. The district needs a crowd that is engaged all year round. And I prefer to work on gaining support of such crowd.