Events, STEM, test refusal, mindset, bond publicity…discussed

Parents held a meeting at the Davison school library. In an informal atmosphere, we reflected on the past events and discussed upcoming events. The Family Craft Night this Friday, December 9, was one of them. No teacher was present at this meeting.

Mr. Benfante demonstrated, on a case of 15-year old student, what happens when the mind is set passionately on improving continually “your project.” Persistence pays off. (There are several video clips available of the same TED talk, but I think Mr. Benfante projected this one. -10 min.) The discussion transitioned into “failing forward”— a concept how to implement a failure to the learning process; how to learn from it to come up stronger. Basic explanation of “failing forward” is available here.

The committee also urged all parents who consider refusing the state standardized tests to submit the refusal letters ASAP, so the school can plan the classroom management. The topic of the bond resurfaced. Specifically, its publicity in the community. Also, the STEM, or STEAM program was discussed. Just few managers are involved in the program’s development that will, eventually, affect all students and the #gomules public.

In general, the conversations were informative. I reflected on my previous DAV PTA meeting and experienced a similar meeting at HT Herber school. Parents asked questions and informed each other. If the meetings were streamed, they could add to the branding efforts of public schools and attract more parents to participating in their life.

By the way, the SAC, the community of 30-40, acting on behalf of “one community” also met last week. Ssh. Nothing in public. It’s strictly a corporate matter.

Holiday Craft Night at Davison school


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