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Stakeholder Proposes A Search Committee — 4 Comments

  1. Jan,
    I would be interested in helping disseminate the minutes from any committee meeting convened that consists of a cross section of stakeholders. Let me know what I can do.

  2. I really appreciate your efforts and the information you post. I have 5 children, with the first entering kinder class in the MUFSD this year. I have wanted to home school to avoid all the difficulties facing public education, but circumstances will not oblige. My wife is a NYC teacher and shares all your concerns. I wish there was more we could do.

    • Eric, you are not alone who is considering homeschooling. It’s a trend across the state. You reminded me that our BOE adopted a resolution regarding homeschooling in winter. You would find it in the minutes.
      IMO, it’s a temporary solution, but on the long run it will be less time consuming and cheaper not to give up yet. Consider this, the governor (NY) signed us in to this mess in 2010. Although some BOEs distanced themselves in fall 2012, as they saw it coming, we didn’t feel the impact until 2013. So we are going through the first, emotional phase of the resistance. It will require several years of persistent, but simple work—not to provide data.
      The business model of “reformers” is based on collecting easily quantifiable data (percentages, scores, ranks by media, suspensions, ethnicity, income, etc.). It all has been here before, but NCLB made the data the paramount of the education. The RtTT added and mastered the assessment process to perversity—and, evidently, it was the proverbial last straw.
      I’m glad you are entering the system. My son will enter in 2015, perhaps with another kid of yours, and we can “console” each other by reviewing how lead learners in public schools around the country cope with the situation. I bet your hands are full, having 5 kids.

      • Yup. Although its such a blessing, I’ve never been busier. Looking forward to more from you.