Rally to Protect Our Schools

Protect Our Schools RallyThe The Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE) launched the “Protect Our Schools” campaign in the beginning of March. In a symbolic gesture, on March 26th, parents will hold hands and circle the schools as a protection against excessive testing, teacher evaluations being tied to test scores, GEA, privatization, and closing schools.

Soon after learning Cuomo’s budget proposals, holding schools hostage, communities were restless. Spontaneous rallies were taking place almost on a daily basis across the state. The NYC communities held their campaign on March 12th, in which more than hundred schools participated.

In the same manner, the Malverne UFSD community proudly joins the campaign. We’ll gather on the corner of Aberdeen St. and Ocean Ave. at 3:30 on March 26th. We certainly won’t have numbers to be able to embrace H.T. Herber school while holding our hands in this initial rally, but I am convinced our numbers will grow with each new event.


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