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It is not by accident that Malverne/WH Herald keeps residents consistently informed about the STEM program. Malverne school district had significant number of students enrolled in the program operated by BOCES. In the most recent interview with the school district management, the Herald reporter discussed the program that is being developed in-house and will be hosted in Malverne HS.

The program is planned to accommodate also former Doshi STEM students from other districts for fee. According to the article, the district management doesn’t know the cost of the program yet. The process of developing a new program and coordinating with other schools could be quite an exciting initiative for parents. They could learn from it and apply their acquired experience in developing other initiatives. So where would they go to find more information? Continue reading


Another year, another school district elections


Malverne residents approved a 2016-17 school budget. The $54.5 million budget was approved by a margin of 662-261. The budget is a 1.99 percent spending increase over the current year and it comes with a 0.83 percent hike in the school tax levy.
Voters also elected challenger Jeanne D’Esposito to the Malverne Board of Education with 530 votes. She beat out incumbent Michael Taylor, who received 246 votes and Jan Kasal who received 116 votes.
(source: Malverne/WH Patch)

My reflections
I congratulate Jeanne D’Esposito. I thank the residents who are unequivocally standing by the views permeating through this blog. I also shout big thank you to my wife who supports my being involved.

Snapshots of candidates composed from issues of Malverne Pride.


Out-of-district school argument for endorsement?

The Doshi STEM program housed at LIHSA, the magnet school operated by BOCES, and the Malverne board of education were closely tied since the program’s inception. Malverne HS was allowing to enroll a substantial number of students, each year increasing the enrollment by about 5 students to the current 22 out of total 43 students in the program. 7 school districts participated.

Malverne Herald was reporting on the subject numerous times, emphasizing the involvement of the Malverne school board trustee, Josephine Bottitta. In 2016 BOE election cycle, the editor chose to rephrase and emphasize the efforts of a parent advocating for her own child outside of the Malverne school district. Continue reading


In need of school info? Come to parent meeting at H.T. Herber

The parent meeting opened with a discussion about upcoming events. A parent prepared and distributed a list of events in order to remember them easier.

Dr. Hunderfund, the superintendent, and Mr. Caputo, business administrator, presented the budget for the next school year. Their presentation was followed by Q&As. The proposals to install the AC system in the auditorium and HS fields lights submitted last year were approved. The construction should start in summer. Continue reading


Candidate debates—challenge for stakeholders

Every year in May, school district stakeholders in New York elect their representatives to the local school boards. There are around 120 of them in Long Island alone. The school boards consist of 5 to 9 ordinary residents who earn living in their line of profession and, in addition, they volunteer their free time on behalf of the students and community.

The school boards govern the school district. In many communities, the school districts are the largest employers. ($54M/year in MUFSD of 1700 students) The individual board members have no authority outside of the boardroom, but the school board as a whole serves as the governing body. Continue reading


Safety, local STAR, APPR discussed at PTA meeting

The parents of the M.W. Downing school met with the building principal, Mrs. McDaid, on Tuesday, April 5th, but without a teacher representation.

About an hour was dedicated to the safety and security measures at the school. The review of guidelines was triggered by a recent post and comments on a FB page. The principal explained the situation in question and used the meeting to review other, related regulations, e.g. morning dropoffs, afternoon pickups and bus loading procedures, dealing with an ill child, etc. Continue reading


My Blog Is Three Years Old

I launched the blog on March 22nd, 2013, inspired by a website launched by an anonymous group of Malverne UFSD activists whose mission was to promote their candidates for the BOE. Their mission ended with the elections.

I intended to post information related to Malverne school district 12 for a longer time. Perhaps, for as long as I have kids in the school district, which could be another 12 years. I broadened the topic for decisions in education made in Washington, DC, or in Albany, as they affect our district gravely, but are not imminently visible. Continue reading


Malverne UFSD students in need of a nature person and owners

On the last day of April, 2015, the PTA at M.W. Downing elementary school held a sale of flower plants in the garden adjacent to the school. The plants were beautiful and were going fast. Soon we had to go to the local store, Cross Island Fruits, to purchase some more. The classes were coming in predetermined order and parents were helping kids select the right plant for their money.

The plants were arranged on the enormous concrete slab that was recently built. Beyond the slab, it was a wilderness. Despite being late into the spring season, the garden didn’t show signs of love. Abundant weeds were covering flower beds, overgrown grass was everywhere. (Photos taken on May 13th, 2015). Continue reading


Malverne UFSD budget review and HS career day

Originally, only the instructional part of the budget review was on the BOE agenda for February 23rd, but a regular “meeting in public” was added in order to make up the Feb. 9th meeting.

The evening started by a quick budget review followed by birthday celebration of Mrs. O’Connor, school board trustee. As a perk of low attendance, all attendees were offered a piece of the cake.

The BOE announced that at the Annual School District Awards Dinner there will be recognized 3 outstanding individuals: Brian China, the teacher of the year, Dr Romano for his leadership, and Allen Lewis for decades of dedicated volunteer work. Continue reading


LICEE quiet secret, College Board trip, 2016-17 budget

The residents’ representatives modified their regular “meeting in public” on February 9th, as only two of them were present. The management showed again their prezi they have shown at the LICEE meeting in January. Three district delegates will travel to “A Deferred Dream” conference organized by the College Board in Charlotte, North Carolina. (The College Board is home to David Coleman, the author of the Common Core Standards. He now moved on to “reform” the higher education. This Saturday, March 5th, students will take the SAT tests that were modified for the first time since 2005. A third of US colleges don’t require the SAT and colleges abroad have their particular admission requirements.) Continue reading