District 12 Information for 2013 Election

Inaugural Post

You, most probably, landed on this site for school district 12 residents after reading a flyer that was distributed door-to-door throughout the Malverne Union Free School District (MUFSD). Reading the flyer first helps better understand the following information.

The Issue—Board of Education

There are many issues within the school district and they are being addressed directly by the school administration and indirectly by the board of education (board). The board consists of school district residents who are elected to their post by school district residents. The board members listen to the voice of the lay community and retain professionals to execute the input from the community according to educational standards. Then, they relay the feedback from professionals to the community. Matters get adjusted and the cycle resumes.

…Not in district 12. The board members exhibited their intentions to distance themselves from the residents in March 2011 when they called for a special meeting, just to extend the superintendent’s contract and tried to keep it secret. The information about the meeting leaked and the meeting was canceled. Nevertheless, the board members secretly continued working on administrative advancements until they succeeded in July 2012. They orchestrated the act so the residents were completely eliminated from the process. The elected board members formed a closed clique with administrators, thus exuding an absolute power in decision making and, at the same time, also absolute subordination to the administrators.

There are several possible reasons why a resident “representative” would disassociate from the residents. Each year, the superintendent selects few residents to his “superintendent’s advisory council”. The council meets several times during the school year and a council member runs for a seat on the board with the full “official” support. Last May, there were two “council graduates” elected to the board. This May, there are two seats on the board available as well.

Then, there are the residents who view the absolute decision power as a model of strength and stability that is necessary. They consider the current board members as their legitimate representatives who assert their interests.

A Path to Remedy

It will take some time, as the board members can’t be voted off, but we can make a significant dent in their enclosed relationship already this year. Two out of five seats open for re-election on Tuesday, May 21st. On that day, let’s show the other group we also are capable to assert our interests, and in larger numbers. Let’s leave the “council graduates” or candidates with the official stamp of approval behind.

I offer to represent your interests and coordinate your efforts to bring the board’s conduct to a functional state, but I would really like you to set your mind to a long term goal and assert your interests along the way.