You can learn the general New York election and voter registration information at the Board of Elections website (

During my flyer distribution tours I encountered a misconception that residents don’t vote (among other reasons), for they don’t “have kids in school.” There is no such a requirement. See the information below.

In order to vote in the annual school district elections, you must be a registered voter. You can register at the school district clerk’s office, or Nassau County Board of Elections, 240 Old Country Road – 5th Floor, Mineola, NY 11501, or at

To be eligible to vote you must:

  • be a citizen of the United States
  • be at least 18 years old by May 16, 2017 (the date of the election)
  • be a resident of the school district for at least 30 days prior to May 16, 2017
  • be registered with either the school district’s board of voter registration or with the county board of elections. If you have previously registered to vote, but have not voted in either a school district or general election in the last four years, you must re-register to vote. To check your voter status (and learn your Assembly, Senate, County districts), visit

You can obtain an absentee ballot at the central admin. office, 301 Wicks Lane, or in Mineola for Nassau County.

Residents who want to run for a seat on the board of education cannot be employed by the district and must pick up a petition at the district clerk’s office. Nomination petition, signed by at least 25 qualified voters has to be submitted by April 17, 2017.