In need of school info? Come to parent meeting at H.T. Herber

The parent meeting opened with a discussion about upcoming events. A parent prepared and distributed a list of events in order to remember them easier.

Dr. Hunderfund, the superintendent, and Mr. Caputo, business administrator, presented the budget for the next school year. Their presentation was followed by Q&As. The proposals to install the AC system in the auditorium and HS fields lights submitted last year were approved. The construction should start in summer.

mufsd-tax-levy-chart-2016The NYS tax formula underlying the steadily descending line in the chart (pictured) and the impact it will have in few years was pointed out.

A parent shared the fact that the Doshi-STEM program provided by the BOCES magnet school is closing in June. The LIHSA continues on. (I posted about the Doshi-STEM program here and here). While the program was excellent, the decision to bus “few” students out to Syosset and back for half a day was rather “unusual.” The administration felt “unsure” about the arrangement for the past year and has been preparing to open a STEM program “home,” at Malverne HS. A sound decision that will make program accessible to more Malverne students.

Mr. Gilhuley, the middle school principal, described the efforts in detail. The administrators are extensively collaborating with several districts. It’s also a real opportunity for parents to get involved, help and learn through the “hands-on” process what it means to create and launch a program enriching the curriculum. The admins. also look into incorporating the “A” in the STEM, and implementing the STEAM program in all district schools. Such process could involve even more parents who want to be part of creating learning opportunities for their children.

The discussion shifted to Mr. Gilhuley’s new position. He was promoted to the role of the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, replacing Mrs. Ricca who is retiring. Speculations, as who might fill his position of principal ensued.

The attendees learned all this in less than hour of friendly conversation—at H.T. Herber parent meeting.

Herber parent meeting


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