Malverne UFSD SAC met on Tuesday, ask around

The members of the Malverne SAC met on September 20th. How do I know? Well, I am an “insider.” My wife is a member. What is SAC? It stands for Superintendent’s Advisory Council. What do they do? Advise?! Who are the members? The district CEO calls them “panel of 30-40.” No names. Ask around.

At the meeting, the SAC members may have “advised” on how to transform the abandoned corporate yard at the M.W. Downing school into a garden that will enrich learning of about 375 students. Or they may have “advised” on how to implement foreign languages earlier than in 7th grade, or how to complement the common core initiatives of the previous year, or all the above and many more initiatives. Just ask around.

Usually each spring, the community learns how the district management together with the community, “community of 30-40 SAC members” that is, has been working all school year long on achieving . . . . [insert the corporate press release here].

mw downing yard

Yard as of mid-September 2016



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