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Malverne UFSD residents approved the budget; that is good. But the residents also re-elected the incumbent who was at the first Dr. Hunderfund’s contract extension and salary increases in 2012 and at the second superintendent’s contract extension at the special meeting in 2014. In both instances, the acts of “amendment,” as the BOE calls the extensions, happened by adding them to the meeting agenda without prior discussion “in public.”

While other districts establish a search committee, such as Valley Stream UFSD 13, and organize surveys when looking for a superintendent, the Malverne BOE uses half disclosures, added agendas, and special meetings to exclude public from any decision making process. For example, residents reading the item P, the “2nd amendment,” in the minutes of the regular meeting held on Nov. 18 would not:

  1. Realize this is a matter of superintendent’s contract extension.
  2. Notice the item P was added to the Nov. 18 minutes from the special meeting that was held on Nov. 3.

The minutes of the special meeting give no suggestion the superintendent’s contract extension was on the agenda, as the agenda of that meeting is not available on the MUFSD website. Two school boards, two diametrically opposite approaches to the community. The public education is a skeleton of regulations/mandates. It’s the communities that give the skeleton muscles.

candidates for MUFSD BOETo conclude, I want to thank the voters who supported my candidacy for the seat on the school board and who share my views on building a successful school district based on a principle of transparent leadership in partnership with the community. I truly appreciate your voting on the principle.


Josephine Bottitta (568 votes) is being challenged by Jan Kasal (223 votes). Proposition for $1,160,814.64 from its District Capital Reserve Fund I and $900,000 from the district’s Capital Reserve Fund II for improvements and renovations. (Passes 559 Yes 211 No)



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  1. I have to wonder how many people actually see this publishing? Isn’t it possible to have the Newsday print this in a special section? I would love for EVERYONE to see this. Unfortunately, you didn’t get voted in. It might have been a breath of fresh air for a change. I didn’t see any of your posters around letting people know you were running, however, I did see Bottitta’s.

    • The post addresses the fact that Malverne UFSD school board members isolate themselves from the residents. This fact has become a common knowledge already in 2011. I don’t think disseminating the info in media would change anything. It’s our issue and we will have to deal with it.
      I get a comment on the “signs” every year. I addressed it in some of my posts, but I will reiterate it again. Voters who need to see signs are useless for continuous year-round work on improving existing programs and developing new ones. It takes a “village” to make schools a cultural hub of the community. It’s beyond capabilities of an individual, or beyond powers of a clique sharing the “unanimous” vision.
      Thank you for stopping by and finding time to comment.