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Thank you supporters — 2 Comments

  1. I have to wonder how many people actually see this publishing? Isn’t it possible to have the Newsday print this in a special section? I would love for EVERYONE to see this. Unfortunately, you didn’t get voted in. It might have been a breath of fresh air for a change. I didn’t see any of your posters around letting people know you were running, however, I did see Bottitta’s.

    • The post addresses the fact that Malverne UFSD school board members isolate themselves from the residents. This fact has become a common knowledge already in 2011. I don’t think disseminating the info in media would change anything. It’s our issue and we will have to deal with it.
      I get a comment on the “signs” every year. I addressed it in some of my posts, but I will reiterate it again. Voters who need to see signs are useless for continuous year-round work on improving existing programs and developing new ones. It takes a “village” to make schools a cultural hub of the community. It’s beyond capabilities of an individual, or beyond powers of a clique sharing the “unanimous” vision.
      Thank you for stopping by and finding time to comment.