Malverne UFSD common core initiatives 2015-16

At the BOE meeting in May, the Malverne UFSD Common Core department summarized the initiatives management and educators conducted during the school year 2015-2016. Ms. Rachel Gross, the cheerperson for Common Core K-6, compiled the initiatives in a 9-slide presentation.

“She brought things down to them [students]. It is now wonderful and the elementary schools have just flourished for it,”

introduced the presenter and the initiatives Mrs. Ricca, the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

The initiatives, ordered chronologically on separate slides, starting with the fall, continuing through winter, and ending in the spring, didn’t offer a clear understanding in what areas the initiatives affected the students. In order to visualize those areas better, I compiled the initiatives into a single “slide” (below) and rearranged them into a chart encompassing possible areas/subjects.

Some areas were easy to determine, as the initiatives specifically dealt with either the language or math, or implied an “analysis that later drove the instruction.” Other initiatives were not so specific. They could be applied to a broader set of areas. So I stretched the non-specific initiatives across all of them.

Distinguishing between “data-analyzing,” and “instructing” initiatives gave shape the “data-driven” and “instruction” planes.

2015-16 MUFSD Common Core Initiatives

After squinting and processing the “blobs” on the competition for achievements chart I wanted to balance the chart, but there were no more initiatives to work with.

I hope that next year the management and educators will conduct initiatives that will help fill the gaps on the right side and bottom plane. Or better yet, they’ll directly place the initiatives, for example, on the chart/wheel the ASCD uses. At the end the Malverne school district is committed to Educating Whole Child.


What initiatives were the educators concentrating on in your district? What initiatives do they plan for this upcoming year?


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