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It is not by accident that Malverne/WH Herald keeps residents consistently informed about the STEM program. Malverne school district had significant number of students enrolled in the program operated by BOCES. In the most recent interview with the school district management, the Herald reporter discussed the program that is being developed in-house and will be hosted in Malverne HS.

The program is planned to accommodate also former Doshi STEM students from other districts for fee. According to the article, the district management doesn’t know the cost of the program yet. The process of developing a new program and coordinating with other schools could be quite an exciting initiative for parents. They could learn from it and apply their acquired experience in developing other initiatives. So where would they go to find more information?

The school district website. Let’s review how the Malverne district management is engaging the communities. The tab District>Curriculum & Instruction could be a logical place to find info on developing a concept of the program and surrounding discussions among parents, teachers, and the management. But there is just three-years-old info about the common core. No discussions under Math & Science, or Malverne Senior High School tabs either.

Next comes to mind perhaps it made at least the news. But the channel (without dates) doesn’t list an entry for the STEM program. A visitor who still has not given up could land on a message by the school board president, welcoming the communities to the new school year 2015-16, or a message by the district CEO, inviting residents to a future event taking place on March 14, 2016. (District pages accessed on May 24).

The lack of communication on the part of the district leaves Herald as the only source of information on the topic in the school – home – community chain. Malverne/WH Herald subscribers should thank the reporter, as the non-subscribers are left in dark.

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