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Era of Conflicting Educational Narratives — 5 Comments

  1. There is no question that the discovery method involes critical thinking as opposed to memorization. However, since projects are developed by indivual students, a greater ratio of teachers to students is needed. On the other hand, the delivery method uses the assembly line method of fewer teachers shepherding large groups of learners. How willing are we to spend the money to allow our students to develop the skills necessary to survive in a rapidly changing world?

    • James, I am absolutely certain that we would ask many more questions, should we talk education together. The thought process starts with questioning. There are many parents who don’t even blink when “dropping off” their child at the “day care”. How do we entice them to ask questions?

      • Jan, I wish I knew the answer to your question. Unfortunately Sherwyn is correct about people’s attitude toward education. However, Sherwyn is wrong about Black Studies; it’s important for all people who live in this country.

  2. Jan Kasal, Black History is not a side order, or some elective project concept to be developed. It is as essential to the academic, social, and emotional development of Black children as is History (White History) to the White child. History marginalizes and in many cases, erases the Black experience in books as it is written by those in power who happen to be white. It is a fallacy that Malverne’s limited resources is the problem. You need to evaluate Malverne’s priorities and hidden agendas as new programs emerge and money found mid-year for impromptu positions and patronage while the administration cries scarcity. Lastly, only an informed and willing constituency can make Malverne accountable. Sadly, too many have resigned their education interest.

    • Please, understand the post as my intention to make parents pause and think what learning experience they would want to create for their child. The bare bone required minimum coming from Albany won’t cut it. All you can expect from business representatives is a beautifully designed color brochure offering your child custom-tailored classes conducted online from, for example Denver, CO—in exchange for your voucher. (Which I view as a biggest scheme in education so far I have lived in this country).