Weekend rich in events, EdCampLI October 14, 2017

The weekend of October 14th was extremely rich in events. On Saturday, the crowds participated in the Malverne HS homecoming parade and/or in the October festival that took place at the Crossroad farm. Some residents also visited an open house at the Kellenberg HS. On Sunday, the Malverne Educational and Fitness Foundation held its 13th annual Malverne 5K run for education.

In addition to preparations for the Malverne 5K run, I found time for some learning, too. Four years ago, a group of educators-enthusiasts from Bay Shore, Jericho, and Farmingdale founded a local version of the national EdCamp unconferences— EdCampLI. Their goal was to create a locally relevant professional development (PD) that would really matter. And they have succeeded. Now by attending sessions, the educators get credits toward their PD.

I reflected on the local EdCampLI in several of my previous posts, e.g. here. Although the event is designed by educators for educators, there are plenty of sessions parents will find practical. At this 4th annual EdCampLI on Saturday, I attended sessions on “World languages” and “Mandates and their effect on the culture” in the morning and also two sessions in the afternoon —“Addressing needs of immigrants” and “Hacking Leadership.” The complete EdCampLI schedule of events is here.

To conclude the list of events that took place on this weekend, I need to mention two important organizations, the NYSSBA and the NPE. They both held their annual conference this weekend and they both featured similar themes—the school culture and the local BOEs. I’ll bring info about the conferences in a separate post.


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