Doshi STEM program at the end

At the May, 2016, BOE “meeting in public,” Mr. Gilhuley has been appointed as Ass. Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. Mrs. Ricca will retire at the end of the school year.

Doshi STEM program at the LIHSA, BOCES magnet school, ends this year. I covered Malverne district’s involvement in the program in several posts, for example here. The management is working on accommodating currently enrolled Malverne district students in a STEM program that they have been developing in-house for the past year. Possibly, also students from other districts will be able to enroll for a fee.

Curriculum report

Mrs Ricca and Mr. Gilhuley are working on maintaining relationship with Cold Spring Harbor and Brookhaven Lab in terms of extending the contract. They are also trying to enter in relationship with Stony Brook university. A research teacher will be working individually with the students over the summer to provide them with projects.

The management “will be in communication with all parents of students who are currently in the program.” An update will follow at the next BOE meeting on June 14th.

Mrs. Ricca introduced Ms. Rachel Gross, the cheerperson for Common Core K-6, who “….brought things down to them [students]. It is now wonderful and the elementary schools have just flourished for it.” She asked Ms. Gross to present some highlights that have been accomplished in the 3 school buildings. The 9-slide show was chronologically organized by tasks that were executed throughout the year. The show closed by a meme by Henry Ford:

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”


At the budget part of the meeting, it was emphasized that the proposition to spend capital funds was just asking voters to approve the funds could be used for the listed improvements. The funds already have been secured in previous years.

Mr. Caputo was asked to explain what was going on with the Smart School Bond. The $2M bond was approved in 2014 by New York voters. Malverne district was allocated over $982K. The goal of the bond was to come up with a plan what residents considered important for improving education in their communities. I mentioned the aspects of the bond in various posts here, here, and here. True to its management style, the BOE haven’t engaged residents for the past 2 years in this matter, but approved the plan to spend about $330K on IT infrastructure and security (card readers, cameras, door locks). The final version of the plan will be presented at the hearing on June 14th.

The meeting closed with a couple of notes: The SED approved the plan to construct permanent lights at the HS stadium. The HS nurse was trained in administering NARCAN, the drug that may prevent death from overdosing. Dr Romano, Mr. Caputo, Mr. Nehlsen, and Mrs. Ricca received tenures. They’ll be recognized at the next meeting on June 14th.

A resident thanked the board and administrators for work they did for students regarding the discontinued Doshi STEM program.



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