Consolidating School District Administration

Consolidating School Administration One Step at The Time

Consolidating the school administration campaign started in spring. The summer campaign, adjusted for findings gathered in spring, starts now. Flyers are being distributed throughout the school district 12 (MUFSD). You can help. The most important finding—few people understand the role of the board of education and how the 5-member body affects 70%–80% of the property tax.

The board of education—together with the superintendent—control the district budget, hiring process (teachers, staff, attorneys, special counsel, and others). The board contracts services (buses, attorneys, public relations firms). There can always be found a service that is needed. The board purchases textbooks, equipment, and supplies.

Consolidating the district administrations doesn’t mean consolidating the school districts. The schools, their building principals, and staff remain preserved. This fact makes the administrative reorganization much more easier from the legal point of view.

Consolidating School District Administration

Eliminating 1, 2, or 3 superintendents (highest paid individuals), reducing the administrative staff, board members, and thus reducing the number of potential friends who get hired will redirect a significant amount of dollars to students. That amount will be multiplied by the combined purchasing power of schools. For example, both the Malverne school district 12 and Lynbrook school district 20 contract services from Syntax, a PR firm, and attorneys Frazer & Feldman. In reality, the residents of our school district 12 cast vote on approximately $2 million out of $51 million annually. Many of the mentioned services that will be consolidated are included specifically in that amount of $2M.

The money is not everything though. Redirecting more funds to students will be also accompanied by peace of mind. By consolidating the school district administration and the board of education the Malverne union free school district residents will disband the clique that has showed disrespect to the residents again and again.

Step 1

In order to consolidate the school district administration the residents of involved districts must approve it. If you support the idea of consolidating the administration, subscribe to receive email updates about the progress. (Your email address is used only for the purpose of this site). Our goal is to gather thousand subscribers. It’s a number of voters who participated in the last school budget elections. Each subscriber matters. As soon as there will be the representative number of supporters in our district, we’ll proceed with the next step.

Step 2

We’ll inform residents of other school districts in Nassau county, county officials, media, and NY department of education that we are ready to consolidate the administration.

It’s impossible to put a timeline on these steps. They are not constrained by elections, rather by number of supporters. It’s desirable the residents of district 12 voice their intentions before July, 2014, as it’s the estimated time when the current school board will be deciding either on:

  1. extending the contract of the current administration, or
  2. selecting a new administration.

Residents familiar with the process certainly remember how the board acted in this matter the last time in 2012. This initial period is an opportunity for families who’s children will be entering the school system. They can get involved now and participate in forming the district’s future collaborative environment. In order to create such an environment, parents, other residents, teachers, and administration will need to collaborate in synergy.

There will be more steps necessary. They will require coordinating with residents of other districts. We will work out details. At first, the things move rather slowly. When the information spreads in public, the process will speed up.


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