Community Engagement Outline

I sent the following email message from my personal account earlier. (I am sorry, some subscribers may overlap).

Dear Parents and Residents,

I ran for a seat on the Malverne (MUFSD) school board last year and am running this year again. For the past year, I have done lots of research on education and politics in education. I got familiar with the current educational narratives and their representatives. I collaborate with NY educational advocacy groups and through them my horizons broadened to national educational issues. I think that, as a school board member, I can apply what I have learned to the benefit of the whole district community. Being informed in educational field became my hobby in addition to my other community involvement—coaching track and long distance running, or coordinating the Malverne 5K.

But the point is not about one individual being on the board. It is about many individuals collaborating on issues within the district. I’ll be bringing to your attention inspirational examples of what public schools achieved in various communities despite tight budgets and crappy mandates thanks to the collective efforts and community engagement. Subscribe to my website and feel free to bring public schools gems you find to my attention, too.

You can follow my opinions and resources I am learning from on my website throughout the year (not only a month before elections). Please, get familiar with my campaign flyer and specific tasks in the upcoming year. You can also read my broader portfolio. If you identify with the outlined points, I ask you to share this message with your relatives and friends, print copies of the flyer and give them out to your immediate neighbors. And find time to vote on May 20th.

Thank you.

Jan Kasal,
school district resident

Jan Kasal BOE candidate flyer


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