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  1. This is great info Jan. Thank you for keeping me informed about the budget process. I am wondering about the most recent college & career ready stat in Malverne. Do you have an understanding of what caused such a dramatic drop off? From the 12-13 school year to the 13-15 school year the percentage of students deemed college and career ready dropped from 50% to 33% putting SD 12 near the very bottom of the ranking.

      • Gina,
        I have no knowledge of rankings you present. I don’t follow. I am very skeptical of ANY charts or rankings. When the PISA international results were released in 2013, they became a mass-hysteria in the US. But the French press dismissed the first 5 top-ranked countries, as only their elitist metropolitan schools were included in the study. Another example, it should not be difficult to account for HS graduates who were accepted to a college. Evidently, it’s a problem for the NYSED. So when a methodology is flawed or data is inaccurate, the results are skewed.
        On the other hand, in October, I suggested the Malverne HS participates in a new project developed by the University of Colorado to counter the meaningless, but popular “accountability” rankings. The schools get a badge after fulfilling the requirements. One of the project developer and member is the high school in RVC. The process is quite elaborate and that’s what I find beneficial. Our school could collaborate with our neighbor.

        • I find hard data very useful in determining performance on multiple levels from student performance to real estate values to economic indicators. As a rule I eliminate the top and bottom 10% to account for exactly what you cite the French press said. That rule put Malverne at the bottom in college and career readiness, based on hard data, which was the reason for my initial inquiry.