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  1. I would (of course) beg to differ with Mr. Tully. The NAACP represents ALL people that believe in equality,equal opportunity, and justice under the law.Please tell me who these ignorant people are who do not want to be represented in equality and justice for all. Name them. I would be happy to teach them. When I come to the BOE asking questions that they refuse to answer they call it complaining. When I asked why didn’t they offer a Black History class because their students are predominately Black prior to the forming of the new budget the Superintendent told me there was little room to add, but if there is any room, they will consider it. Well, when I found out that they addded Astronomy, (which no one asked for) I questioned it, but have yet to hear a legitimate answer as to why. I was told that the teacher who was given the Astronomy class is someone in the district’s daughter. So nepotism once again trumps the majority in our district. What most people fail to recognize is that Black History is American History they are just refusing to teach it. The least they can do is to incorporate it into the Social Studies classes or refuse to purchase history books that do not include Black History.

  2. Please get the story correct Jan. I never voiced any objection to the Black History Club. As a matter of fact I voted to make sure it stayed in the budget. I objected to the request for a Black history class to be taught at the school. I said we have too little resources for such a request and said if the NAACP would like to have one through their organization that would be fine. Also note the Ms. Bailey was therii representing the NAACP, and not the residents of Lakeview. The NAACP represents some of the residents of Lakeview but by no means all of the residents, which has been pointed out to me by many other members of the Lakeview community. The gist of my comments were that the NAACP has constantly for years, make negative comments about the Malverne Schools and School district. My comments were directed to the NAACP nad not the Lakeview Community at large.

    • Jack, thanks for your clarification. The two (class and club) really blurred to me, as the talk was about both that evening.