My Blog Is Three Years Old

I launched the blog on March 22nd, 2013, inspired by a website launched by an anonymous group of Malverne UFSD activists whose mission was to promote their candidates for the BOE. Their mission ended with the elections.

I intended to post information related to Malverne school district 12 for a longer time. Perhaps, for as long as I have kids in the school district, which could be another 12 years. I broadened the topic for decisions in education made in Washington, DC, or in Albany, as they affect our district gravely, but are not imminently visible.

My first post was “District 12 Information for 2013 Election.”

Over the three years, I have published 78 posts, including this one. The most popular posts of all time are:

Malverne UFSD Investment Plan for 21st Century;  It was viewed 2,726 times,

Why I refuse; 2,014 views

Power of thousands of New York parents; 1,110 views, this post is just 3 months old.

During the last year the site has been viewed 12,854 times. About 947 views in the last 30 days.

Thank you for visiting my blog.



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