Another year, another school district elections


Malverne residents approved a 2016-17 school budget. The $54.5 million budget was approved by a margin of 662-261. The budget is a 1.99 percent spending increase over the current year and it comes with a 0.83 percent hike in the school tax levy.
Voters also elected challenger Jeanne D’Esposito to the Malverne Board of Education with 530 votes. She beat out incumbent Michael Taylor, who received 246 votes and Jan Kasal who received 116 votes.
(source: Malverne/WH Patch)

My reflections
I congratulate Jeanne D’Esposito. I thank the residents who are unequivocally standing by the views permeating through this blog. I also shout big thank you to my wife who supports my being involved.

Snapshots of candidates composed from issues of Malverne Pride.


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